A script to update/install the latest versions of all the most important Common Lisp packages.


clbuild is a shell script helping with the download, compilation, an invocation of Common Lisp applications. It defaults to SBCL but otherwise tries to be somewhat independent of your local environment.

clbuild was originally written by Luke Gorrie. (Idea from jhbuild by James Henstridge, a Gnome hacker).

Please send patches bug reports to clbuild-devel@common-lisp.net (list information).


clbuild (version 2) is maintained in git.

gitorious: http://gitorious.org/clbuild2

git clone git://gitorious.org/clbuild2/clbuild2.git

For the classic clbuild from darcs, see this out-dated webpage. Differences are explained in the clbuild 2 announcement.

Adding projects

Add projects or submit corrections like this, please:

  1. Edit clbuild/projects.
  2. Use git commit to make the change permanent.
  3. Make your repository available. This is where others can get the change from you. (If you don't know how, gitorious or github are good places to start).
  4. Send a pull request to the list, so that we can pull from the patch from your repository. This means to send an email stating your repository URL and what you have changed.


How does clbuild relate to quicklisp?

clbuild downloads projects from version control, without going through tarballs. It also serves as a wrapper around quicklisp. It depends on quicklisp to install dependencies.

My favourite application is not supported. How can I add it?

Yes, please see above.

It doesn't load my ~/.sbclrc!

Yes, that's the default. But you can change it in clbuild.conf using the USER_INIT configuration variable.